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Health Benefits of Breathing Therapies

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In this day and age when toxicity and stress plague our everyday lives, it is very easy to put aside our health and well-being. The effects of stress on the body do not only manifest externally, through headaches, muscle tension and other physical strains. Stress can also damage our internal health – our organs and our mind. If you do not address the stress that you are experiencing, it can become worse, in the form of depression, anxiety and other physical ailments. More and more solutions are available for anyone suffering from debilitating health conditions, and one of them is breathing therapy. You can go to breathe therapies in Covent Garden and see for yourself the benefits they bring to your health and well-being.

Get rid of headaches and migraines

If you suffer from headaches and migraines, try lying on one side and breathe through the opposite nostril. Do this for a few minutes on each side. Each nasal pathway does not get the same amount of air at the same time. Ultradian rhythm is what you call the cycle that lasts for two hours where the two nasal cavities receive blood. This process involves the activities of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Improve heart conditions

Shallow breathing and heart problems have a direct connection. To prevent a heart attack, practising deep breathing is essential.

Eliminate stress and anxiety

When you suffer from stress and anxiety, you tend to take shallow breaths, which do not reach the lungs fully. This results in a lack of oxygen entering the body, which then results in the workup of the sympathetic nervous system. It leads to irritability, anxiety and undue stress. Slowing down breathing deactivates the sympathetic nervous system, which then relaxes your body and gets rid of anxiety.

Promote relaxation

If you are nervous, try breathing slowly, and within minutes you will feel instantly relaxed. Yoga is one exercise you can do to practise breathing. You will feel your mind and body release all tension and feel them start to relax.

Improve digestive functions

Sitting on a chair with your back straight and your feet parallel to each other, cup your knees with your hands, with your fingers pointing to the floor. Find the three hollow areas under your knees and press on them. Keep a steady pressure and inhale. This process allows your umbilical spot to fill with energy. As you exhale, your stomach muscles contract on their own. Do this for five minutes each time.

Heal past traumas

Healing past traumas requires a particular type of breathing technique: short and circular breaths. You do not pause when you inhale and exhale. You can also do this technique underwater. You get to release all the past pain and trauma from your life.

Invest time and effort in learning this type of therapy to improve your overall health. If we can spend time doing mundane things, then we can spend time on things which take care of our health and wellness and breathing therapies should be one of them.

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