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Drink a Shake and Enhance the Way That You Look and Feel

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Millie is a 60-year-old active retiree. She remembered that shakes were considered fattening when she was young. Therefore, when her younger friend June suggested that she try a shake to lose weight, she began to laugh. “You’ve got be kidding, June!” Millie scoffed. “Most shakes keep you fat even if they are designed for weight loss. I never feel satisfied when I drink a shake. It always seems as though I want to eat more.”

A Special Type of Shake

June assured Millie that the shake she was suggesting was far different. June said “This shake is different, Millie. It contains fibre and prebiotics that support digestion. It also has a special ingredient called marine collagen. This material supports skin health and actually reduces visible wrinkles! You’ve really got to try this product because it makes you feel full so you’ll eat less too!”

Millie raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know June. It sounds just too good to be true but I want to have an open mind. How do you make this concoction?”

June elaborated. “You need to put two large scoops of this collagen protein powder in a shaker and add about 250 millilitres of low-fat or skim milk. You can also, as an option, mix the powder with low-fat yoghurt and some fruit such as strawberries along with ice. Instead of a shake, these ingredients can be blended into a smoothie.”

A Great Way to Stay Full and Look Younger

June told Millie that the shake powder contained ingredients such as soy protein, cocoa bean fibre, oat fibre, whey protein, marine collagen, and cocoa. Therefore, the powder, when made into a shake, conveyed a deep chocolate taste. June assured Millie “You will love this shake powder, as it isn’t similar to any that you have ever used. Not only will you naturally lose weight but you will look better over time. Any wrinkles and lines will slowly fade or disappear when you regularly consume this product.”

Millie was intrigued. She took June’s suggestion and found that the shake helped her lose weight and even keep it off. She also began to look younger. After a while, people could not believe that she was 60. Needless to say, this type of shake product was not the same as some of the shakes in the past. If you want to support good nutrition, satisfy your chocolate fix, and look more beautiful, this is the shake powder to try.

Besides chocolate, you can also enjoy shakes in berry flavours and in vanilla. Whatever you choose, you will love the taste and the fact that this product really helps you lose weight. This weight loss product helps you take in fewer calories than you expend.

As Millie could vouch, this is not always easy. If you consume less calories, you also run the risk of being fairly hungry. Adding marine collagen to a diet shake is also a good way to maintain your figure as well as your looks. Stay on track with respect to weight loss and look younger as well. Why choose only a diet shake when you can consume a shake that will erase the pounds and wrinkles too?

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