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Benefits of Dental Implants

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Teeth are an integral part of your face because they not only help in chewing but also improve your looks. Teeth that are damaged or lost need to be replaced.

There are many options to replace damaged teeth including removable dentures or bridges but the best option is dental implants. Compared to other options, implants have their own benefits such as:

  1. Save Jaw Bone: After losing a tooth, there are chances that you may lose the bone mass as well. When your teeth touch, they stimulate the jaw bone. Dental implants are the only options that help in stimulating the jaw bone thus preventing bone loss.
  2. Restores Chewing Force: Dental implants are fixed into the jaw with the help of a titanium support at the root of the tooth. This helps you bite or chew with the same force as it was possible with the natural teeth. 

With other teeth replacement options you cannot bite with the same force as they are not anchored into the jaw but just sit on the jaw.

  1. Looks like Natural Teeth: Dental implants are available in a wide range of shapes and colors. The dentist matches the color of the implant with natural teeth and fixes it efficiently into the gap. 

Implants look so natural that people will not even come to know which tooth has been implanted.

  1. Keeps Natural Speech Intact: There are chances of losing the natural way of speech with other options like dentures. 

Missing teeth can put an impact on your speech but with dental implants you get the ability to speak naturally and comfortably.

  1. Support Facial Structure: Teeth help in supporting the natural structure of your face and after losing teeth you may start looking older.

Since dental implants provide the natural support to your facial features, your natural facial structure is maintained well. 

  1. No Cavities: Other options of artificial teeth have to be maintained to save them from any type of infection but dental implants are made using a special material which does not decay, so you need not to worry about cavities.
  2. Easy to Handle: Dental implants do not need much care. They can be cleaned like natural teeth with brush and floss, so unlike dentures, you need not take extra care to keep them clean. 
  1. Permanent Solution: With other teeth replacement options, you may have to visit your dentist now and then but dental implants are designed to stay forever.
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