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A Fresh New Smile with Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a great help for many people. They are the most natural looking option when it comes to replacing teeth. They can make a big difference in the life of someone who has suffered an injury or severe decay. Tooth loss also happens as a part of aging, at times. People that are missing even one tooth may have speech issues, discomfort when eating, and refrain from smiling. This is not just a physical issue. It also affects self esteem. Implants help people regain part of their lives.


Many people do not realise that the teeth contribute to pronunciation when speaking. You may have a hard time talking properly when teeth are missing. This can be a difficult situation when you must go to work and speak with coworkers, your boss, and clients. You may find that you try to talk less so that people do not notice the problem. This can be especially difficult for those in professional roles that rely on speech, such as teaching. The use of implants can restore your speech almost immediately. Talk to your dentist about how they can help you.


Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat your favourite things. You may have pain for quite some time if you procrastinate on your dental care. Decay can begin as a small cavity and reach the root over time. Sometimes the tooth cannot be saved. The tooth may have to be pulled. Soft foods may need to be eaten during recovery. When you are missing several teeth, eating foods that are crunchy can be out of the question. It can be difficult to maintain good health when you cannot eat a variety of foods. Check out dental implants in Parramatta to help you enjoy eating again.

Get Ready to Smile

You may not even realise how much less you show your mouth when you are missing teeth. You may cover your mouth, turn away when talking, or refrain from smiling. Missing teeth can cause problems with self esteem. You may not like the way you look without all of your teeth. Your mouth is also one of the first things that people notice about you. When you have dental implants put in, you may find that you smile all the time, just so you can show off your fresh, new smile.

Dental implants are a viable option for many tooth loss scenarios. They are individual replacement teeth that anchor into your bone. They look and feel more natural than traditional dentures. They are placed in your mouth in steps. The anchor is placed first and your bone must rebuild around it. When it is stable, the teeth can be added. As you adjust to this new addition, you can begin to do the things you missed out on. Enjoy going out to dinner, eating your favourite foods, and smiling with your friends again. Dental implants remedy the situation for people.

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